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Dr. Koenig Sepsis Care Improves at SLV Health
Eric Weed at SLVH's Regional Medical Center SLV Health Anesthesia Services and Eric Weed Voted Best Site/Instructor
Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah, once again showed their appreciation to the Anesthesia Department at SLV Health at their annual graduation ceremony.  SLV Health was awarded the Clinical Site of the Year by a vote from the students. For the second year in a row, SLV Health Anesthetist...
SLV Health Adds Services in 2018 Fourth Quarter
In the last quarter of 2018, SLV Health quietly rolled out two new services to the community.  Urology services were added part-time at the Stuart Avenue clinic and include procedures such as bladder scans, cystoscopies, and transurethral resection of the prostate (TURPS).  With the addition of new...
Heersink Named Director of IT at SLV Health
Information Technology Department “In House” at SLV Health
Nurse Educators Jan 2018 at SLV Health Nurse Educators Making a Difference at SLV Health
Amy Norris Joins SLV Health CCH as Director of Nursing
San Luis Valley Health welcomes Amy Norris as the Conejos County Hospital Nursing Director.  Amy grew up as a “small-town girl” on a family owned farm raising potatoes, grain, and alfalfa in the San Luis Valley. She loves the small town culture and living in such an amazing community. Amy graduated...
Bone Density and Orthopedic Machines Benefit Patients in the SLV
SLV Health is pleased to announce the addition of a new state-of-the-art bone density machine to the Imaging and Radiology Department. The main reason to have a bone density test is to find and treat serious bone loss, called osteoporosis, and prevent fractures and disability. The Imaging...
Martin Testifies at Senate Finance Committee Hearing in D.C.
SLVH CEO Konnie Martin is a Witness at the Senate Finance Committee Hearing in Washington D.C. From the AHA Today's headlines on May 24, 2018: Senate Hearing Examines Rural Health Care Challenges, Opportunities
Photo of OrthAlign Hero Unit New Orthopedic Technology Benefits Patients Needing Knee Replacement Surgery in the SLV
The Orthopedic Surgical Team at San Luis Valley Health added a computer navigation system which enhances the surgeon’s location skills as a guide during surgery. 
Caton Fills Niche Role as Hospitalist Nurse Practitioner at SLV Health
Bethany Caton is making a difference, not only in her own education but in her care for patients and in a new valuable role at San Luis Valley Health. Bethany recently graduated with her Master of Science Degree Nursing, Adult/Gerontology Acute Care/Family Nurse Practitioner degree from Colorado...