Got Hair? Please Share!
Nov 5, 2014
On Saturday, November 15th, San Luis Valley Health Patient Navigator Theresa Curtis will host "Mariah's 2nd Pony Tail Drive".  Mariah is Theresa's daughter and has benefited from the Locks of Love organization that they are supporting.
SLV Health Patient All Smiles on Signing Day
Aug 27, 2014
This past January, a San Luis Valley Health patient and his Physical Therapy team were featured on the television show, “The Doctors”, as part of a showcasing of the young man’s disease. As followers may remember, Jaiden Gullickson is an eight-year old boy that suffers from...
Back to School: Healthy School Lunches
Aug 13, 2014
Whole New PB&JPeanut butter and jelly on a whole wheat mini bagel3/4 cup cherry tomatoes with 2 tablespoons low-fat Caesar dressing1/2 cup pineapple chunks4 mini oatmeal cookiesPizza Party1 slice leftover cold veggie pizza cut into squares3/4 cup cucumber moons with 2 tablespoons hummus1/2 cup...
Back to School: Well Child Checks
Aug 13, 2014
Back to School Well Child Checks are currently being offered at five different locations throughout the San Luis Valley.  The Well Child Check is a comprehensive, annual exam around growth, development and social well-being for your child and also includes all required vaccinations.  This...
Lunch and Learn: The Period of Purple Crying
Apr 10, 2014
Asthma Season is Here
Oct 18, 2013
September and October are the months when asthma patients in Colorado must begin their preparations for the “worst” part of their year. This is the time period when the “Perfect Storm” of factors can occur, making asthmatic lungs tighten and ruining the beauty of Fall in Colorado for their owners....
Hospitals Implement Breastfeeding Practices
Sep 27, 2013
Eight more Colorado hospitals implemented the Colorado Can Do 5! during the past year, bringing the number of hospitals supporting these healthy breastfeeding practices to 41 of the state's 53 hospitals with maternity services. Colorado Can Do 5! is a program launched by the Colorado Department...
Active Parenting for Active Kids
Sep 27, 2013
From National Jewish Health Parents concerned about their children's slothful ways can do something about it, according to research at National Jewish Health. They can increase their own activity. In the July 2012 issue of the Journal of Physical Activity and Health, Kristen Holm, PhD, Assistant...
Immunizations for Pregnant Women & Babies
Aug 30, 2013
Immunization gives parents the safe, proven power to protect their children against 14 serious and sometimes deadly diseases before they turn 2 years old. Most young parents in the U.S. have never seen the devastating effects that diseases like polio, measles or pertussis can have on a family or...
Immunizations for Children, Preteens, & Teens
Aug 16, 2013
National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM) is a reminder that we all need vaccines. To celebrate the importance of immunizations throughout life—and make sure children are protected with all the vaccines they need—the Alamosa Immunization Coalition is proudly participating in NIAM. Parents-...


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