La Puente Hosts Hunger Education Week
Apr 2, 2014
La Puente will be hosting a Hunger Education Week starting Sunday, April 6th with an SLV Crop Hunger Walk at Cole Park.  Employees may earn an HRA point for attending either the event on April 6th (Hunger Walk) or the event on April 7th (Shopping Tour).  
How to Live to be 100+
Aug 16, 2013
The human body, on average, lives to the age of 90 — but most people pass away about 12 years short of that. Dan Buettner explores the globe for National Geographic, and he found the four areas of the world with the longest lifespans. The secret to longevity and vitality goes way beyond genes or...
Cooking Matters in the SLV
Aug 5, 2013
Nutrition Educator Meghan Ibach helps students with tips for reading food labels.Do you know how to shop for and cook healthy, nutritious foods? Cooking Matters is here to help!Join the Fun!If you or your agency is interested in hosting a Cooking Matters class, contact Melissa Emminger  at...
Carrots in the Cold: SLV Farmers' Markets
Jul 9, 2013
Carrots, onions, potatoes, peaches and honey are some of the foods that you probably purchased at your local farmers' markets. The farmers' markets takes place from early spring to late fall.Check out this video from the Alamosa Farmer's Market.[video:
Cottage Foods Law Explained
Jul 9, 2013
Understanding the Cottage Foods Law The following information was compiled by the Colorado Department  of Public Health and Environment's Division of Environment, Health and Sustainability. This year, the Colorado Legislature passed the Colorado Cottage Foods Act, a bill allowing individuals to...
6 Local Food Recipes for Winter
Jan 23, 2013
It may be freezing outside, but that's no excuse to not eat delicious meals made with local food.  In partnership with the Local Foods Coalition and their Healthy Habits project, below are four delicious recipes for the winter that use one or more local foods. Bon Appetit! Hava Bean Salad...
Care About Local Foods
Aug 15, 2012
Plant Your Dollars Close to Home Local farmers who sell directly to you receive a larger share of the profit and in turn spend their money with local merchants.  When money stays local, everyone benefits. Since 1935, the US has lost 4.7 million farms, with fewer than one million Americans now...
Cheese Making in the SLV
Oct 25, 2011
In mid August, a group of Valley folks got together at the Blanca/Fort Garland Community Center to learn how to make cheese.  Suzanne Quintana lead the workshop, teaching participants how to make feta, cuajada, and ricotta. Watch the group in action! [video:
Celebrating National Farm to School Month
Oct 11, 2011
Published: October 6th, 2011, Valley Courier, Page 9 The first ever National Farm to School Month is taking place this October. In 2010, Congress designated October as National Farm to School Month, which demonstrates the growing importance and role of Farm to School programs as a means to...
Secrets of Stone Soup
Oct 6, 2011
Alamosa Elementary students spent the first part of the week making Stone Soup. The recipe for Stone Soup comes from a folktale about hungry travelers looking for something to eat in a village that doesn't want to share. Elementary age students in Alamosa have carried on this tradition for 10...


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