Healthy Egg Cups Recipe
May 23, 2016
Our Wellness Department will be featuring several healthy recipes. This recipe only has 48 calories per serving (one muffin).Healthy Egg Cups: Makes: 12 servingsServing Size: 1 cupPreparation Time: 15 minutesCooking Time: 15 minutes Ingredients1 T olive oil4 whole eggs2 cups baby spinach-chopped1 C...
Rio Frio on Ice 2016 Rio Frio on Ice
Jan 12, 2016
Walk, Run, Participate and Donate for the 2016 Rio Frio on Ice. The Rio Frio on Ice will be held at the end of January and is "Star Wars" themed this year. There will be an ice sculpting festival plus two main races: Rio Frio 5K on Ice and the Fremont Haunt Race.The San Luis Valley Health...
CrossFit Clinic Orthopedics Hosts Functional Movement Clinic
Dec 16, 2015
A Functional Movement Clinic was recently hosted by the San Luis Valley Health orthopedics department in coordination with Pro Therapy and Alamosa’s CrossFit Acclimate. Video of the Event The Clinic was held Saturday, December 12th and helped to teach athletes the proper way to perform standard...
Shake, Rattle, and Run
Jun 3, 2015
Shake, Rattle, and Run Registration.
The Importance of Movement
Mar 25, 2015
Last Thursday, Dr. Carmelo Hernandez from the San Luis Valley Health Women’s Health Clinic hosted a “Lunch and Learn” presentation and presented on weight loss to over 60 attendees.The theme of the talk was “Move”, and Dr. Hernandez emphasized that while healthy eating is important, regular...
Kicking Off the 2015 Wellness Program in Stride
Dec 17, 2014
San Luis Valley Health is kicking off its new Healthy Strides Wellness Program for 2015.The program is designed to educate, inspire and motivate San Luis Valley Health employees to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Employees can track their progress and achieve their wellness goals by using...
Tips for Running or Walking a 5K
Sep 30, 2014
Written by Annika Braun, Wellness Coordinator for San Luis Valley HealthThe week before the race:Don’t Stress! 5ks are a fun way to get to know more people in your community and have positive energy surrounding them. Don’t stress! Have fun and look forward to the eventKnow the Route: If...
Stephanie L. Miner 5K Walk And Run To Fight All Cancers
Sep 3, 2014
The 11th annual Stephanie L. Miner 5K Walk and Run, one of the largest events in the San Luis Valley, is right around the corner, scheduled to take place on October 4th at 10:15 a.m. in Cole Park.During past races, the 5K raised money for the Stephanie L. Miner Women’s Imaging Center, however, now...
Back to School: How to Stay Fit as a Family
Aug 13, 2014
25 Ways Your Family Can Stay Fit         Mom runs while kids run or bike ride along sideSwim Laps at the poolCircuit workout in house, driveway, or backyardFamily bike ride (I pull my youngest in trailer behind)High school or middle school track and...
Seven Exercises to Do at Work
Jul 29, 2014
ClenchesFor buns of steel, clench your buttocks and hold for ten seconds. Do five sets of eight reps. The beauty of this exercise is that your supervisors and coworkers won’t see any movement and need not even know that you’re secretly exercising on the job.Ankle RotationsRotate your...


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