San Luis Valley Health: Stewardship of Health Resources
Oct 1, 2014
Over the last four weeks, we have introduced the strategies highlighted in the 2014-15 Strategy Map for San Luis Valley Health. Each of these strategies was developed within the context of our Vision, Your Trusted Partner in Health, and on the premise that our organization exists for our...
Tips for Running or Walking a 5K
Sep 30, 2014
Written by Annika Braun, Wellness Coordinator for San Luis Valley HealthThe week before the race:Don’t Stress! 5ks are a fun way to get to know more people in your community and have positive energy surrounding them. Don’t stress! Have fun and look forward to the eventKnow the Route: If...
San Luis Valley Health: Providers of Choice for Healthcare
Sep 24, 2014
The third section of San Luis Valley Health's 2014-15 Strategy Map is titled: Providers of Choice for Healthcare.  In this story, CCH Administrator Kelly Gallegos explains how the section was developed.Creating Excellent Customer ExperiencesOne of the goals at San Luis Valley Health...
Patient's Story Exemplifies Commitment to Cancer Services
Sep 24, 2014
Six months ago, Ronda Benavidez and her husband Frank were planning their retirement in sunny Florida.  They then received some news that altered their plans and put everything on hold.  Ronda had been diagnosed with lymphoma, a type of cancer that affects the immune system. The...
EMS Crew Creates Lasting Impact
Sep 23, 2014
In the spring of 2012, James and Gurtha McCrea had come to the San Luis Valley from Ottawa, Kansas.  It was the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve that brought them on their visit. Unfortunately, the vacation took a turn for the worst when an accident brought James to the San...
Dr. Amy Roberston the Latest Addition to Women's Health Clinic
Sep 23, 2014
San Luis Valley Health is pleased to announce the hiring of Dr. Amy Robertson to the organization’s Women’s Health clinic. A native of North Little Rock, Arkansas, Dr. Robertson recently completed her Residency at the Oklahoma University Health Science Center in Oklahoma City....
San Luis Valley Health: Very Best in Quality and Safety
Sep 17, 2014
Providing a high-quality, safe environment for our patients is of the utmost importance to San Luis Valley Health.  The second strategy of our 2014-15 Strategy Map is titled “Very Best in Quality and Safety”, and we are striving to be just that. Our organization has made great...
ROMP Receives 100%, Five-Star Rating
Sep 17, 2014
The San Luis Valley Health Regional Occupational Medicine Program (ROMP) recently received a 100%, five-star rating for the department’s latest Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) and Modified Duty reports. These reports are generated through Pinnacol Assurance, the workers’...
2014 SLV Fall Nurse's Conference: Tomorrow's Nursing, Today
Sep 11, 2014
Keynote PresenterSarah Thompson, PhD, RN, FAAN: "Nursing of the Future"Several breakout sessions on other topics will be available for participants.
Dr. Penny Cooper Signifies SLV Health's Commitment to Cancer Services
Sep 10, 2014
Committed to providing cancer services to the greater San Luis Valley community, San Luis Valley Health brought Dr. Penny Cooper, the organization’s first full-time Oncologist, on board this past March. Dr. Cooper came to San Luis Valley Health from Durango, Colorado and had spent 22...


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