Charlie Reich graduated from New Mexico State University in 1994 with an MA in Speech Language Pathology and brings an extensive amount of experience in adult speech therapy to the San Luis Valley. Because he had friends and family who were affected with various neurological illnesses, he wanted to try to help others with similar problems. He states, “I enjoy working with people and trying to help them recover and learn to cope with their medical difficulties.”  He has extensive experience in acute hosptial care, outpatient therapy, acute rehab and long term nursing care.  He also was previously the Director of Therapy for SLV Health and former organizations.

More on Speech Therapy and Swallow Studies

Charlie is a Speech Language Pathologist and  works with adults with acquired disorders i.e., cva, head injury, throat cancer, Parkinson’s disease, cervical laminectomy or any disease process that might cause a person to have problems with cognition, swallowing, or speech and language deficits. He is especially interested in helping people recover their ability to eat as normally as possible. His current role includes conducting outpatient therapy, inpatient consulations/evaluations and conducting the Modified Barium Swallow Studies. He’s always enjoyed working in a small hospital because it is easy to get to know the other employees and what it takes to work together to create an atmosphere of true healing.

Charlie's specialty areas include dysphagia, dysarthria, dyspraxia of speech, aphasia, cognitive deficits, and voice.  I am highly skilled when working with patients with the following diagnoses:  ALS, Parkinson’s Disease, CVA, TBI, Head and Neck cancers, Myasthenia Gravis, Oculopharyngeal Dystrophy, aging swallowing issues, Post-Polio Syndrome, MS, and any other neurologically based impairments that involve the swallowing, language or speech of the patient.  

In his spare time, Charlie loves to fly fish, ride his horses in the mountains for bow hunting or fishing, blacksmith, spend time with his children and their interests, work around his small farm, and spend time with his friends. An interesting bit of trivia about Charlie is that he was a horseshoer (farrier) for 20 years before going back to school and becoming a speech therapist, so pun intended, he is truly a hoof and mouth specialist.


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