When you look at the numbers, Colorado is doing pretty good compared to the rest of the United States. Many of us love the outdoors, and it shows.  Colorado has the lowest rates of overweight and obese adults in the country, and we're the fourth most active state in the nation.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the whole story.  Comparative state health does not translate into individual health - at least in the San Luis Valley.

In some cases, our need is higher in the valley than in the rest of the state.  Our teen birth rate across the valley averages out to 6 pregnancies per 100 teen girls, compared to just 4.5 in Colorado as a whole.

Also, even though Colorado ranks highest of all 50 states for the number of children eating fruits & vegetables, 84% of all residents in Alamosa County eat too few fruits and vegetables.

Despite these figures, we see ourselves as being in good health.  When asked to rate their health, only 9% of Valley residents questioned believed they were in fair or poor health.  In reality, this figure is nearly double what the respondents believed, with 18% of adults in the valley having fair or poor health.

Find out what the state of Colorado is doing to improve these statistics.  Visit the Colorado Health Foundation website for an overview of Colorado programs.

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