Good health is critical to every aspect of our lives.  But what do we mean by that exactly?

While the Valley's health care network has been improving with new programs and providers, many residents still face challenges when it comes to accessing health care services.  Others have difficulty accessing healthy foods or finding the time to exercise or be more active.

Some of the factors that most impact health access in the San Luis Valley are:

In the San Luis Valley there are a lot of children and families who are eligible for Medicaid or Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) but are not accessing these programs.  38.5% of children eligible for CHP+ are not enrolled, and 31.6% of parents of children eligible for Medicaid are not enrolled.

The types of health services that people use in the Valley is also different than in the state of Colorado as a whole:

  • 22% of people rely on a community health center as their usual source of health care (compared with 12% in the rest of the state)
  • Fewer people visited a primary care physician in the last year (only 87%)
  • More people use the emergency room (28% in the last year)

To learn more about access to health care in the San Luis Valley, please visit the following pages (our sources for the above indicators):

  1. Colorado Health Institute – Data Profile for Health Statistics Region 8 (2010)
  2. Community Health Status Indicators - 2009