What is “Living Well with Diabetes”?

This program consists of 6 two-hour classes given by a trained Community Health Worker who lives near you and has personal experience with diabetes. The classes are designed to help you effectively manage your diabetes, and respond to your specific questions and needs.

The Community Health Workers who manage the program have been trained to teach the Stanford Diabetes Self-Management classes.

The classes will help you get the tools you need to set achievable goals, reduce stress, eat healthier foods, and increase your physical activity.  These classes are great for those who have diabetes and want to improve their self-management skills.

90% of program participants said that the Living Well with Diabetes program improved their ability to manage their diabetes.

Who Can Participate?

People who have been diagnosed with diabetes can participate in this program.   

Where Are the Classes Held?

Currently classes are being held at locations throughout the Valley. Contact us at 719-589-4511 to learn about classes near you.

How Much Does It Cost?

Living Well with Diabetes is free to all eligible community members.

How Do I Sign Up?

Call Monica at 719-589-4511 to see if you are eligible and what time classes are offered.