PRO-Fit: Staying Fit Through the Holidays
Oct 26, 2011
Before we can even start talking about how to lose 20 pounds, you have to understand how not to gain 20 pounds.  At least that is the philosophy Valerie Hagedorn works from as the Program Coordinator for SLV Health’s PRO-Fit Lifestyles Program. Now entering its third year, PRO-Fit offers two...
Cheese Making in the SLV
Oct 25, 2011
In mid August, a group of Valley folks got together at the Blanca/Fort Garland Community Center to learn how to make cheese.  Suzanne Quintana lead the workshop, teaching participants how to make feta, cuajada, and ricotta. Watch the group in action! [video:
New Pap Smear Recommendations
Oct 20, 2011
The United States Preventive Services Task Force, an independent panel of experts in prevention and primary care appointed by the Department of Health and Human Services, just released new recommendations regarding Pap smear tests, still the best way to prevent cervical cancer.  Rather them seeking...
Local Spuds Fight Cancer
Oct 11, 2011
Published: October 7th, 2011, Valley Courier, Page 2 A Colorado State University study that evaluated the effect of storage on antioxidants and anticancer properties in colored potatoes shows that while the amount of antioxidant properties increases, the anticancer properties of those antioxidant...
Celebrating National Farm to School Month
Oct 11, 2011
Published: October 6th, 2011, Valley Courier, Page 9 The first ever National Farm to School Month is taking place this October. In 2010, Congress designated October as National Farm to School Month, which demonstrates the growing importance and role of Farm to School programs as a means to...
Benefits of Breastfeeding for Mom
Oct 11, 2011
Renee Mackey from La Leche League spoke about the many advantages of breastfeeding for the mother.  She talked about how it helps the mother’s health, the wonderful experience of feeding babies with your own body, and the benefits for the community and earth. [video:
Improve Oncology Care in the San Luis Valley
Oct 6, 2011
Have you been affected by cancer?  Has someone you know and love been affected by cancer? Join us on Saturday, October 8th for the 8th annual Stephanie L. Miner Walk, a 5k walk and run to raise funds for the Stephanie L. Miner Imaging Center atSan Luis Valley Health in Alamosa, CO. We are proud of...
Cardiac Rehab: Your Path to Heart Health
Oct 4, 2011
If you’ve had a heart attack or a bypass operation, there’s an effective way to help prevent another one: Cardiac Rehab. Cardiac Rehab is clinically proven to improve a cardiac patient’s quality of life and to reduce the recurrence of subsequent heart attacks and related diseases. These programs...
October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Oct 3, 2011
Since the inception in 1985 of October as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, mammography rates have more than doubled for women age 50 and older and breast cancer deaths have declined. If all women age 40 and older took advantage of early detection methods, mammography plus clinical breast...
Questions are the Answers in Health Care
Sep 28, 2011
If you ask your hairstylist questions, why not your physician? If the latter says “Oops!,” you have a lot more to worry about. At least that’s what the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) thinks. This week the agency, part of the US Department of Health and Human Services, launched a...


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