“Are e-cigarettes safe?  Don’t you just inhale pure water vapor?  Can it really help you quit smoking?”  These are all popular questions we hear at the clinic.  Whether you’re looking to quit regular smoking tobacco or just curious about vaping, it’s important to know the facts and to ask the question, what’s with e-cigarettes?

What’s in them?

E-cigarettes contain Nicotine, toxic chemicals, metal (iron/copper), and more.  Since E-cigarettes are not FDA approved or regulated, many labels on e-cigs are incorrect!  Studies have shown that some vapors that were labeled to be nicotine free actually had nicotine in them.

What are the long term effects? 

We don’t know!  E-cigs are fairly new and there hasn’t been enough time or research to show what the long term effects are.  Although e-cigs have fewer chemicals than cigarettes, it has many of the same chemicals.

How does it affect children and youth? 

E-cig fluid can cause a child or pet to become seriously ill if they come in contact with it.  Also, e-cigarettes come in a variety of flavors that are attracting youth to use them which can lead them into a nicotine addiction, flavors like pina colada, chocolate, and strawberry daiquiri.

Can I use them to quit smoking tobacco? 

Many people report trying to use e-cigarettes to slow down or quit tobacco.  Although some report that it worked for them, others continue to use tobacco cigarettes while using e-cigarettes.  According to the FDA, studies have not proven that e-cigarettes are a viable option for smoking cessation.

If you have any other questions about e-cigarettes or other tobacco cessation ideas, talk to our friendly expert, Lisyuri Gallardo at 719-587-6334.  Her services are absolutely free!

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