Patient Care is our Passion. That’s what it means to work at the SLV Health pharmacy.

Pharmacy technicians work behind the scenes every day to touch patient lives through safe preparation and dispensing of medications. At SLV Health, every chemotherapy infusion a patient receives is carefully prepared by Loretta DeHerrera or Lauren Lopez and double checked by a pharmacist. Mark Anaya keeps a close eye on keeping us stocked with the best, most cost-effective medications, as well as supporting all of our informatics needs. 

Irene Salazar-Casisas orders and stocks every medication a patient receives at CCH. And Art Perez keeps the team afloat by filling in on weekends. This year SLV Health welcomed Lennie Martinez as a new pharmacy technician. The pharmacy department is impressed at how quickly Lennie has learned his new job and become an integral part of the team.

Pharmacists work with the the health care team to make sure our patients get the right medications to get better. Every single medication order a doctor writes for an inpatient is double checked by a pharmacist. Every chemotherapy recipe is individually tailored by a pharmacist. Pharmacists provide education on medications to staff as well as patients and solve complex medication issues.

SLV Health has recently embarked on a new, exciting role for our pharmacists in the outpatient clinics at the Physician Services building. The pharmacists are now collaborating with our oncology team and Dr. Cooper by providing chemotherapy teaching and patient medication counseling.

SLV Health welcomed several new pharmacists this year. Ray Luna, an avid golfer and former Director of Pharmacy at both Spanish Peaks Regional Health Center and Arkansas Valley Regional Medical Center, joins the SLV Health Pharmacy team from Pueblo. Josh Koontz, his wife, and two sons appreciate the rural, natural beauty of the San Luis Valley after spending a year in Dallas while Josh completed his residency at North Texas VA Medical Center. Andrew Lamb, who is passionate about music and the outdoors, joins the team after working in the VA Medical Center and their anticoagulation clinic in Erie, PA.

Please celebrate this hard-working team during Pharmacy Week, October 18th through 24th.  Let them know that you recognize how they impact patient care and make a difference. The pharmacy will be hosting a number of fun activities to engage you, such as free chair massages, puzzles and contests. Keep an eye out for details!

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