Written by Lisyuri Gallardo

Many people believe they can quit tobacco use on their own.  However, on average only  4-7 % of tobacco users are able to quit tobacco without assistance (medications, patches/gum, counseling/coaching, etc.). San Luis Valley Health’s Tobacco Cessation program, alternatively, has a 78% success rate of helping people reduce or quit tobacco use!

San Luis Valley Health provides free, one-on-one tobacco cessation coaching, helping tobacco users develop personalized quit plans to recognize and manage triggers, stress, and additional factors contributing to use.  We provide support to determine if medication and/or patch/gum are beneficial.  We also support patients with navigating any barriers that might be creating added stress that prevents someone from quitting.

Tobacco users will learn how to find healthy replacements and new ways to cope with stress, anxiety and withdrawal symptoms. All of this support is provided by a live person, one-on-one, either in person, online, or by phone – whatever manner and schedule fits the individual’s needs!

Find out what our patients are saying about our Tobacco Cessation program:

“This program helped me learn what my triggers are and how to avoid them.” - Deanna

“I felt heard, understood and respected by my coach; I now have greater motivation and confidence that I can continue to be smoke free.  It has already been a year.” - John

“I was able to quit because of your support. I am grateful to you for it.” - Tammy

“Thanks for being there for me. It means a lot.  Your support and your words made quitting possible.” - Dana

“I learned a lot about the different methods of quitting and that helped to make a more detailed plan.” - Felix

“Thanks for not giving up on me.” – Lawrence, after one year of working together.

You can join the 78% of people who have succeeded in cutting down or quitting tobacco by working with our Tobacco Cessation navigator!  To learn more, please talk to your healthcare provider or contact Lisyuri Gallardo at 719-587-6334.

Change is hard but you don’t have to do it alone!

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