As you may know by now, I am the Tobacco Navigator for SLV Health. I’m excited to support patients with the difficult journey to overcome barriers, quit tobacco use, and improve health!

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I am a part of the Family Practice and Internal Medicine Medical Teams and my role at SLV Health includes screening, re-cruiting, and enrolling patients into tobacco cessation services. Once enrolled, I provide brief interventions, navigation services (case management), ongoing in-dividual coaching, and cessation support groups/classes. The free individual coaching will be personalized attention, focused squarely on the patient’s needs, obstacles, and strengths.

A Tobacco Navigator working in Primary Care is crucial to the health of the patient, as quitting tobacco is the most beneficial decision a patient can do to improve their health. Overall, 20 percent of Colorado’s adult residents (over 900,000 people) currently smoke tobacco. Smoking kills more people than alcohol, AIDS, car acci-dents, illegal drugs, homicides, and suicides combined. Thus, our community can highly benefit from the tobacco cessation services but these services start with you.

Quitting smoking and chewing tobacco is a very difficult decision and process. So much so that patients may be unable to imagine their lives without cigarettes or smokeless tobacco. Primary healthcare visits represent important opportunities to encourage clients to quit smoking and chewing tobacco. Most smokers and smokeless tobacco users see their primary care doctor at least once each year, and many consider their family doctor as a key influence and source of advice about smoking. As a result of my integration into the Medical Team, patients can see tobacco cessation as a part of their over-all health maintenance as recommended by their Family Physician.

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In 2004, Colorado voters approved Amendment 35 a tax increase on tobacco products. The revenue was designated for health care services and tobacco education to improve the health of all Coloradans. Funds from this amendment support this program. Please join us to improve the health of all Coloradans! For more information or help with a patient, call me, Lisyuri Gallardo at 719-587-6334 or email

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