Colorado’s new destination for tobacco facts and resources

Coloradans have a new place to find facts and resources aimed at creating tobacco-free communities. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment launched in August 2013. The online web hub connects visitors to a variety of resources and topics including cessation services, information on preventing secondhand smoke exposure and youth smoking prevention.

You may also notice new ads popping up around the state. The “I Am Tobacco” ad campaign will promote the new web hub by depicting the some of the harmful effects associated with tobacco use. Gas stations, restaurants, liquor stores and bus shelters will feature ads with radio spots and internet ads appearing as well.

Take the pledge to live tobacco-free

Are you committed to a tobacco-free Colorado? Do you know anyone who is trying to quit, or working to help a friend or loved one quit? Make your support of a healthier life official by taking the pledge at

You’ll get access to a downloadable pledge certificate. Just print and fill it out. Post it at home, or in your office.

You can also take the pledge via Facebook and start your own movement through your social network. Working toward a healthier community and a healthier Colorado is something we can all support.

An eye on tobacco sales

Which of these tobacco sales practices is illegal: selling flavored cigarettes, promoting cigarettes as “light,” “mild,” or “low,” providing free samples, selling cigarettes in packs of less than 20?

The answer is that all of these things are considered product violations, just like selling tobacco products to people younger than 18 years old. If you see any of these types of illegal practices happening in our community you can take action.

Evicting secondhand smoke

All of us have the right to breathe toxin-free air. However, for those of us living in apartment complexes, condos, or other types of shared residential buildings, smoke from a neighbor can seep into our homes and into our lungs. Did you know that up to 65% of the air in multi-unit complexes is circulated between units? has resources to help you keep your home free of secondhand smoke. Click here to learn what steps you can take to keep your home’s air tobacco-free. Remember, secondhand smoke contains more than 7,000 chemicals, 250 of which are poisonous, and roughly 70 or which are known to cause cancer. Keeping these toxins out of your home can provide major health impacts for you and your family.

Saving lives saves money

Smoking alone costs the state of Colorado more than a billion dollars in health care costs. That’s the equivalent of every household in Colorado writing a $579 check. For all of us, becoming a tobacco-free state would save tens-of-thousands of lives and billions of dollars.

On a more personal level, tobacco use also has a big impact on our finances. can show you just exactly what a person stands to gain by quitting. Anyone thinking about quitting should check out the interactive calculator to see how much money they could be saving. A person who smokes regularly could end up saving more than a thousand dollars a year by quitting.

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