Written by Annika Braun, Wellness Coordinator for San Luis Valley Health

The week before the race:

Don’t Stress! 5ks are a fun way to get to know more people in your community and have positive energy surrounding them. Don’t stress! Have fun and look forward to the event

Know the Route: If you are someone who likes to know ahead of time where you will be going then map out the route ahead of time and have an idea of where you will go. This will keep you from feeling overwhelmed or scared on race day morning.

The Day Before:

Prepare: Lay out your clothes with your participant bib already pinned to what shirt you plan on wearing. Make sure you have everything you need so you don’t forget something the morning of the event.

Hydrate: In the days before the event make sure you are getting enough hydration. Aim for at least 64oz/day

Morning of the Event:

Eat wisely: Choose something that will sit well in your stomach and sustain your run or walk. Whole wheat toast with 1T peanut butter and a banana 90 minutes to 2 hours before the event, or a bowl of oatmeal with berries should boost your energy and keep you full.

Bring extra clothing in case of bad weather, pack sunscreen and bring a hat and sunglasses if it is hot.

Sip on water: Don’t drink too much water or you may be running to the port-a-potty before the race starts. Drink a glass or two with your breakfast and then hydrate as needed during and after the event.

Make sure your shoes are tied, line up early and start slowly!

After the Event:

Keep moving: cool down for at least 5-10 minutes and stretch

Refuel: Check out what snacks the race is offering. The best recovery is a healthy ratio of carbs to protein.

Hydrate: Don’t forget to grab a water bottle post race!

Stay warm: If the weather is cool make sure to put a sweater on and change any sweaty clothes.

There is still time to register for the Stephanie L. Miner 5K Walk/Run this Saturday.  Contact Kelly Gurule at 719-587-5707 for all of the details!



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