What is the single best thing you can do for your health?

Dr. Mike Evans, who runs the Health Design Lab, asks the question: how do you spend a typical 24 hour day?

You might spend most of your day couch surfing, sitting at work, obviously sleeping and what the evidence tells me is that the best thing you can do for your health is spend half an hour being active, maybe an hour, and if you can do that, you can realize all the benefits I have described.

What are the benefits?

Watch the video and take the challenge.

Come to Life... Locally!

There are great programs all across the SLV to help you fill a 1/2 hours worth of time.  Here are a few to check out:

  • Weigh and Win: visit the kiosk in the lobby at the San Luis Valley Health, right next to That Coffee Guy.
  • PRO Fit: Before you can even start talking about how to lose 20 pounds, you have to understand how not to gain 20 pounds!  Learn how to eat and exercise for a healthy life... and maybe even for free!  For more information, call Valerie Hagedorn, PRO-Fit Program Coordinator, at 719-587-2546.
  • Local Fitness Centers: Most SLV communities are fortunate to have a gym or individuals who offer yoga or other wellness options.

Remember, you have access to the services and programs you need to get healthy, be healthy, and stay healthy!  Don't leave those decisions about your health up to others.

Find your 1/2 hour outlet today!

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