We know your lives are busy, especially around back-to-school time.  We created this list of tips that will help you make it through the day while still feeling energized and ready to take on all of the things that keep you busy.  Enjoy!

Pack your lunch:  If you’re running out to the local joint across the street everyday, you’re wasting money and calories.  If you can’t find time in the morning to pack a healthy lunch, pack it up in the evenings before bed. Packed lunches are also great for getting rid of your healthy dinner leftovers!  

Walk as much as you can: By parking in the furthest corner of the lot, you’ve guaranteed yourself a couple extra minutes of walking!  If you take the bus, get off a stop early and power walk to the office, and of course, taking the steps instead of the elevator is an automatic extra calorie burner!   By adding in small amounts of walking, you’re getting in a little extra fitness.  Consider purchasing a pedometer to track the steps you take each day and set a goal!

Drink Water:  Your body needs water to function so make sure you’re getting a minimum of 8 glasses a day.  Keep a reusable water bottle at your desk so that you always have something to drink out of. Try replacing your afternoon juice or soda with water as well to stay hydrated without the unwanted sugar.  

Do some in-office exercises:  Do some leg lifts under your desk or swap your chair for an exercise ball.  When you’re in the bathroom, add in a couple squats then jog in place at the sink.  While you re-heat your leftovers for lunch or make copies, do some calf raises.  You can also do glute squeezes while sitting at your desk!  Remember, everything counts!

Keep healthy snacks in your desk:  If you’ve got granola bars and nuts stashed away, you’ll keep yourself satisfied until your lunch break without giving into the temptations of the vending machine.  Consider keeping a bowl of fruit at your desk to remind yourself of your healthy goals.  

Save the treats for special occasions:  When someone brings in donuts on a Friday, try to resist, and instead reserve sweets for special days like your birthday or anniversary. You can even suggest that the office sets aside one day a month to do all birthday and other celebrations to avoid multiple temptations. When you go out for drinks with coworkers, limit yourself to just one light beer or a glass of red wine, then chase that drink with a tall glass of ice water.

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