Before we can even start talking about how to lose 20 pounds, you have to understand how not to gain 20 pounds.  At least that is the philosophy Valerie Hagedorn works from as the Program Coordinator for SLV Health’s PRO-Fit Lifestyles Program.

Now entering its third year, PRO-Fit offers two medically supervised weight loss tracks: the Five Week Intensive and the Regular Sixteen Week Session.

Five Week Intensive

During the Five Week Intensive, participants meet in small groups for one hour each week.  During that hour, participants learn healthy holiday recipes and exercises that can be done in the gym or at home.

Valerie Hagedorn, Program Coordinator for PRO-Fit explains that the program was “originally started to just help people maintain their weight.  We soon discovered that people were not only maintaining, but losing weight.”  She says it is because the program “teaches you how to eat and exercise for a healthy life.”

The next Five Week Intensive starts November 7th.  To enroll, call Valerie Hagedorn, PRO-Fit Program Coordinator at 719-587-2546 or Tim Sanchez at 719-587-2546.

Are You Eligible?

  • Must be an adult
  • Must have a body max index over 27
  • Must have a referral from a doctor
  • For free services, must have income at or below 250% of the federal poverty level
  • Pay one-time-cost of $30

Regular Sixteen Week Session

Over the course of nearly four months, participants will learn how to eat and exercise for a healthy life.  Tim makes it clear that the program is "not about fitting into the right outfit... it's about improving our health, being able to sleep better, feeling better; overall, it improves the quality of our lives."

Breaking the Cycle: Success Stories

One 57 year old participant felt better and stronger after losing 15 pounds in three months.  "My blood pressure was too high to safely exercise when I joined and now my doctor says it's completely normal." she says.

Another 35 year old participant says the program has not only helped him drop 62 pounds but has given him a new mindset.  "My entire state of mind has shifted towards a more positive attitude." he says.

Don't wait.  Learn ways to change your life today!

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