Have you been affected by cancer?  Has someone you know and love been affected by cancer? Join us on Saturday, October 8th for the 8th annual Stephanie L. Miner Walk, a 5k walk and run to raise funds for the Stephanie L. Miner Imaging Center atSan Luis Valley Health in Alamosa, CO. We are proud of what the walk has afforded. From 2003 to 2006, the funds raised during the walk were used to finance the construction and opening of the Imaging Center. Since then, funds from the walk have helped purchase a digital mammography machine, handicap accessible mammography chairs, gurneys and other needed equipment. This year, the funds raised will be used to purchase a new ultrasound unit to enhance local diagnostic care.

Much needed equipment has been provided and modern technology has been made available to help doctors in the diagnosis and personal care of patine5s. The community has better access to care with a decreasing need to go “over the hill” for specialized care. -SLV Health Foundation Board Member

This year is also a special year in memory of Dr. Marve Motz.  SLV Health Foundation Director, Kelly Gurule shares her thoughts about Marv.

Honoring Dr. Marv Motz

Tall aptly describes how Dr. Marv Motz, who passed away on August 11, 2011, stood throughout his life; it also depicts how he gave to his community. The passion he had for his family, higher education and good healthcare has left an imprint many, many lives. Having served more than 30 years on the SLV Health Foundation Board, when he and his wife Mary lost their beloved daughter Stephanie L .Miner to a courageous battle with breast cancer, they united with her family and turned a painful situation into something so positive that words can hardly convey its magnitude. The Stephanie L. Miner Women’s Imaging Center opened on Oct. 23, 2006, three years to the day their daughter died. The families have continued to support the center and they are committed to doing so in the years ahead, thus carrying on the tall passion of Dr. Marv Motz. Show your support for cancer prevention in the San Luis Valley. 100% of your donation will support the Imaging Center’s important work. Pre-registration is $30.  Race day registration is $35.  The largest team will win a prize.  to register, contact Kelly Gurule at 719-587-5707 or visit the hospital gift shop or the Adams State College alumni office. Opening activities begin at 9:45 am; the race starts at 10 am. Visit our Facebook or Twitter account to get connected.

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