By Lisyuri Gallardo

It is important for you to realize how much money you spend on tobacco maybe once you think about all the things you can do with the money you’ll save, you may find the extra incentive you need to give up smoking for good.

The cost for a pack of cigarettes averages from $4 to $6 per pack. If we take the average of $5, and you smoke one pack a day, you're spending $1,825.00 per year. Over a five-year period, that's $9,125.00, over 10 years that's $18,250 and over 40 years that’s an astounding $73,000. So what are you going to invest your money on?

Your wallet is not the only one hurting. If you decide to sell it or trade it in, you might get less money for it if it still smells like smoke. Or, like with your house or apartment, you’re going to end up spending more money trying to clean it up so it doesn’t smell like stale cigarettes.

We don’t want you to be investing your money in the tobacco industry; they make more than $32 billion dollars each year. We want you to spend the money in yourself, your future, your loved ones.

One-on-one coaching has proven to effectively help many people quit smoking. Call us today at 719-587-6334 and let us help you save a lot of money, not to mention your life.


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