The human body, on average, lives to the age of 90 — but most people pass away about 12 years short of that. Dan Buettner explores the globe for National Geographic, and he found the four areas of the world with the longest lifespans.

The secret to longevity and vitality goes way beyond genes or even healthy choices — he believe it’s also about social interactions and cultural beliefs.

Common Denominators for Long Life:

  1. Move Naturally: None of them exercise in the way we think about it.  They set up their lives so that they are constantly nudged into physical activity.  
  2. Right Outlook: They all take time to downshift. They have a vocabulary for their sense of purpose in the community.
  3. Eat Wisely: They eat a plant based diet and have strategies to keep from overeating.
  4. Connect: They put loved ones first.  They belong to a faith-based community.

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