You have probably heard a lot about electronic cigarettes lately.  They are also called e-cigarettes or e-cigs, and some people believe they're a way to help quit smoking.

But that hasn't been proven.

In fact, if you take up e-cigs you may just be switching out one type of cigarette for another, and find yourself nowhere closer to quitting.

Three Things You Need to Know

  1. E-cigarettes contain nicotine.  And that's what keeps you adicted to smoking. An e-cig is a battery operated (disposable or rechargeable) device that contains nicotine. The nicotine is turned into a vapor in the e-cig and then inhaled. The vapor looks similar to smoke. E-cigs come in all sorts of sizes and sometimes have flavored nicotine cartridges.
  2. E-cigs aren’t regulated. That means there is no way to know what is really in them. They have many other chemicals besides nicotine that also get inhaled. We don't know how much nicotine is in them or what other chemicals they contain. These two things make the safety of e-cigs unclear.
  3. E-cigs haven’t been shown to be effective. There haven’t been any scientific studies that prove e-cigs actually help people to quit smoking. There is also concern that using e-cigs may lead kids to start smoking regular cigarettes.

Because we just don't know enough about e-cigs, we don’t recommend that you use them.

There are other quit aids, with or without nicotine, that have been proven to be safe and effective at helping people quit smoking. Learn about other options to help with withdrawal.

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