Plant Your Dollars Close to Home

Local farmers who sell directly to you receive a larger share of the profit and in turn spend their money with local merchants.  When money stays local, everyone benefits.

Since 1935, the US has lost 4.7 million farms, with fewer than one million Americans now claiming farming as a primary occupation.

At the same time, food safety concerns only increase as large corporations increasingly dominate US food production.  Four large firms control over 80% of beef slaughter, 59% of pork packing, and 50% of broiler chicken production.

Don’t contribute to these stats; keep family farms at the bedrock of our community.

Local Farmers Protect the Land

By being good stewards of the land, minimizing packaging, and harvesting food only when it is ready to eat, local San Luis Valley farmers reduce their environmental impact on the farmland and water sources that make the San Luis Valley beautiful and a great place to live.

Preparing the Food on Your Plate

Whether you are growing your own garden, canning veggies with your neighbor, shopping at Farmer's Markets, or looking for Colorado Grown in the grocery store, you are making great decisions for the health of your body and the health of your community's economy.

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