25 Ways Your Family Can Stay Fit 









Mom runs while kids run or bike ride along side

Swim Laps at the pool

Circuit workout in house, driveway, or backyard

Family bike ride (I pull my youngest in trailer behind)

High school or middle school track and do bleacher runs

Run around the track at a school (little ones likely play in middle field)

Backyard Soccer or kickball

Wheelbarrow races (we have one, borrow another)

Relay races (frog jumps, crab walk, wheelbarrow, etc),

shoot hoops on the driveway

hopscotch at the elementary school or chalk on driveway

Freeze tag, when you are frozen, jog in place

Hiking on a trail

Sprints up and down  your street, Little ones tally times gone

Jump rope and jumping jacks alternate

Dance party



Trampoline tricks

skipping and speed walk alternate

hopping backwards

create an Obstacle course in backyard

Walk to the store or along a trail

Just Dance on the Wii

Roller skate in the neighborhood or at a rink

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