David Allen argues that "the art of stress-free productivity is a martial art." Watch this TEDx Talk to learn how to be fully present and engaged in what you are working on. David Allen argues that crisis can actually produce a kind of calm that is rare.  Crisis can evoke serenity.  It forces us to be totally present. Learn how to be totally present without needing a crisis.

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Meet David Allen

David Allen’s name has become synonymous with time management. His work coaching executives the secrets of organizational and personal productivity has earned him a spot as one of Forbes’ top five executive coaches in the United States. His Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology has shown millions how to transform a stressful, over-committed, and fast-paced life into one that is balanced and integrated. In a world where we are connected to information 24/7, his productivity and time management practices offer a way to achieve a more optimal and stress-free existence. Time magazine called Getting Things Done the self-help business book of its time. His other two bestselling books, Ready for Anything and Making It All Work, further extend and expand the methodology popularized by Getting Things Done. In his talk, David will be exploring the idea of how we make decisions when facing a crisis.

  • You know how things just seem to “happen” during times of great distress?
  • You don’t spend a lot of time deliberating over decisions or procrastinating because your life kind of depends on it.
  • What if you could achieve that clarity of mind without the obligatory crisis?

In his talk, he’ll be looking at how you can find flow and optimal performance in your life by adopting some pretty simple habits.

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