We each have at least ONE MINUTE to do something positive for our health.

A minute goes by like ... that..., but it’s more than enough time to do something that will help you feel good.

On any given day, we might not have an hour to go to the gym, 30 minutes to prepare a home-cooked meal, or 15 minutes to read. But who can't find a minute here or there?

Do Something For Your Health NOW!

There are many things we can do that are good for us that take 60 seconds or less. Don't believe it? Take a minute to read our list of 60, all practically guaranteed to make you feel good almost instantly.

Ready. Set. GO!

  1. Take 10 deep breaths.
  2. Think of something you're grateful for.
  3. Scratch your dog’s belly.
  4. Pet your cat.
  5. Eat an apple.
  6. Swivel your hips.
  7. Shimmy your shoulders.
  8. Write a thank-you note.
  9. Call your parents.
  10. Do a yoga pose and hold it.
  11. Sprinkle a spoonful of flaxseed in something you're about to eat.
  12. Hug someone you love.
  13. Hug someone you kinda, sorta like.
  14. Hug someone you don't care for one bit.
  15. Sign up for an art class.
  16. Balance on one foot for 60 seconds.
  17. Balance on the other foot for 60 seconds.
  18. Floss your teeth.
  19. Schedule a complete physical.
  20. Eat a handful of almonds.
  21. Tell a joke.
  22. Stretch while waiting for the microwave or copier
  23. Do 60 jumping jacks.
  24. Close your eyes and think of nothing.
  25. Listen to one good song.
  26. Sing along to one good song.
  27. Dance to one good song.
  28. Eat a tomato like it's an apple.
  29. Give someone a minute's worth of your undivided attention.
  30. Make a cup of tea.
  31. Pay someone a compliment.
  32. Pay yourself a compliment.
  33. Jump rope.
  34. Do 10 push-ups, on your knees if you have to.
  35. Do 10 sit-ups, crunches if you have to.
  36. Make a list of your five favorite songs.
  37. Meditate.
  38. Try a vegetable you think you don't like.
  39. Stretch and yawn, even if you're not sleepy.
  40. Read a poem.
  41. Lie on the floor with your legs up a wall.
  42. Call your congressman about an issue that's important to you.
  43. Spin a hula hoop around your waist, neck, or each arm.
  44. Read the first page of a new book.
  45. Make a list of your five favorite movies.
  46. Strike up a conversation with someone you don't know.
  47. Make a paper plane and launch it.
  48. Do 10 squats.
  49. Give yourself a temple massage.
  50. Bend forward at the waist and hang.
  51. Yodel.
  52. Gargle.
  53. Try to balance standing on your tippy toes.
  54. Eat a handful of berries.
  55. Open a window and take a breath of fresh air. Even if it's January.
  56. Take off your shoes and walk barefoot. Even if it's January.
  57. Look up into the branches of a tree.
  58. Send a check to a good cause.
  59. Wash your hands.

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