It takes a team to be a good physical therapist. 

October is National Physical Therapy month, therefore our Pro Therapy department wants to take some time to honor those play an essential role in the physical therapy team.

1-Thank you to our patients! 

PT would not be effective without you doing your part!  Anyone who has been to therapy knows that each first visit we talk on and on about the causes, rationale, anatomy and physiology behind your current ailment.  That takes patience to hear us out! Those patients who work hard and try hard and stick with their exercise programs usually recover so well that YOUR hard work makes us look like great practitioners! We know how hard you have to work through pain and busy schedules in order to get yourself better.  So thank you!

2-Thank you to our physicians and PAs! 

The success of PT is rooted deeply in the success of our surgeons’ surgeries and the diagnostics of our physicians and PAs. We have had such great success in many cases because the surgeries performed have been so clean, strong and effective. When we get clear diagnostics and imagery reports it gives us the clearest picture of what we are working with and how to approach it in the best way. The open communication and partnership we enjoy with so many of you make it easy to clarify what our patients need most.  Thank you!

3-Thank you to our front office!  

A PT department would fall apart without the dedication and patience of the front office staff; they are the first impression our patients have of us, which gives patients a confidence that they will be assisted well.  They are our “go to” experts in so many changes in healthcare and financial coverage and always willing to help us with a smile, Thank you!

4-Thank you to our nursing staff! 

The hospital takes a lot of coordination and cooperation amongst all staff.  We know how hard you work to manage patient pain levels, keep patients comfortable, position them well and to assist them in healing up quickly.  Without you, our patients would not be able to respond to therapy as well as they do, so thank you for managing them well!

5-Thanks to our social worker! 

You are the “go to” person who will do anything to assist us in helping our patients to have a great experience at the hospital.  You coordinate everyone’s efforts, interact with the families, and assist in getting all of our patients placed where they will be most successful in the healing process.  We are indebted to you and all of your hard work.  Thank you for all you do!

6-Thanks to our behavioral health staff! 

Sometimes we forget, but the truth is that mental pain and hardships and physical pain and hardships are processed in the SAME BRAIN!  Without the coordination of B.H. therapies, we would only be treating half of the picture.  We want to thank you for always being readily present and available for our patients to access.  You make a big difference!

Physical therapy services require a team. 

We could not be successful in helping our patients get the outcomes they desire without the entire team." 

We wanted to take this time in PT month to say thank you for everyone who makes our team successful!

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