I can play with my kids! I can keep up with my husband outdoors! My clothes are too big. I feel good." 

– PRO-Fit Participant

What is PRO-Fit?

PRO-Fit is a multi-week program - 16 one-hour classes - that teaches you how to eat healthy and be more active.  The program helps you set realistic goals to encourage fitness and nutrition for a lifetime.  Most participants lose weight and report feeling in better health after completing the program.

You will be given a food log and pedometer at the first class to help you understand your habits and then to track changes.  You’ll work with a caring and supportive group of professionals whose goal is to help you make changes that make you feel better, and lose weight by adopting healthy lifestyles.

PRO-Fit is based on the Diabetes Prevention Program that showed that 58% of diabetes could be prevented with lifestyle changes.

100% of PRO-Fit program participants felt that the program was worthwhile

Who Can Participate?

People who are at risk of diabetes, people who have prediabetes, and people who have already been diagnosed with diabetes can all participate in PRO-Fit classes.

We also offer PRO-Fit for Families, so that children can join in fun activities like gardening and learn together with the adults from their family.

Where Are the Classes Held?

PRO-Fit classes are held across the Valley at different times and locations, to accommodate participants’ needs.  Contact us to learn more about classes near you.

How Much Does It Cost?

PRO-Fit is free to all eligible community members.

How Do I Sign Up?

Call Valerie at 719-587-5768 to see if you are eligible and what time classes are offered.

Upcoming Events

There aren't any upcoming events right now. Please check back later.