By Russ Johnson

Your Health Matters!

For the past few years, we have seen significant changes to our health care system. You may sometimes feel that the decisions from Washington or Denver are far away don’t really affect you, but they do. The reality is that we are all affected by whether our friends and neighbors have access to the health care they need of if they can afford the services that will help them stay healthy. At SLV Health, our purpose is about making exceptional healthcare personal for all Valley residents. As we work to meet the needs of everyone who walks through our doors, we see the real and, at times unhappy, consequences of having a health care system that doesn't cover everyone who is in need.

Building a Better Future

Fortunately, we are not stuck in the present. We can take action to make things better. With 2012 before us, take the time this year to:

  1. Understand the health care issues that affect you and your family
  2. Speak up for a system that better meets your and the community's needs

Decisions about your health are too important to ignore. Even now, there are changes being considered and implemented across the country. Use this website as a resource and join us as we work to make health care more affordable and available to all Coloradans who need these services.

Watch the Video

Join in the conversation and make this the year that every Coloradan gets the health care services they need to stay healthy!

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