Josh Merrick, PT, DPT assists Jacqueline Flynee improve strength and stability of her shoulder using manual therapy.

Many people do not know what Physical Therapy is or think it is "Physical Torture". Physical Therapy is the use of various treatment techniques to help improve upon impairments related to illness or injury.

It can also help many individuals overcome painful conditions or diseases in order to return to activities that were previously difficult .

It may be difficult to get dressed, clean the house, work or play sports. A Physical Therapist (PT) can identify problems to address in order to help folks return to the activities they enjoy or need to do on a daily basis.

Physical Therapy helps to improve the following: strength, flexibility, endurance, balance and pain. A PT will use various treatment techniques that can range from exercises to joint mobilizations to the use of modalities such as electrical stimulation and heat or cold treatments.

Aquatic therapy can also be very beneficial to help address various conditions or diseases.


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