Parents, students, and community members gathered Wednesday, May 1st , 2013 at the Mountain Valley School Gymnasium in Saguache, Colorado to play a unique form for bingo.  Instead of reading out numbers, the callers in the game read out categories such as “effects of drug use”, “why teens abuse drugs” and “facts of smoking”.  These special bingo games were designed to educate teens and adults about drug and alcohol abuse as well as healthy relationships.   Even though the games were educational, they were also fun, with occasional shouts of “BINGO!” coming from each table.

Service-Learning... In Action!

This night of fun and games was organized by Yvonne Morfitt, a teacher at Mountain Valley School in Saguache, and her high school students.  This project was put together in partnership with our service-learning program. In addition to running the games during the Prevention Bingo night, the students in Yvonne Morfitt’s chemistry class also created posters with facts about drug and alcohol abuse and posted them around Saguache to advertise for the Prevention Bingo Night event.  The students also created individualized tie-dyed shirts that shared their own personalized messages about why teens should avoid drugs and alcohol.  Click to see a video of student service-learning project in action.

Bingo Night Was a Hit

“We had great turn out.” said Morfitt .  She hopes the BINGO night can become a regular event at Mountain Valley School.  “We need to keep talking about drug and alcohol prevention in a positive way.” “My son Tonio and I had a really fun time.” said Liza Marron, a Mountain Valley School board member.     Liza said she thought it was great to have a fun event to bring people together to talk about something as important as drug and alcohol abuse. This is the second Family Prevention Bingo Night hosted at Mountain Valley School this year; the last one was held in February.  Morfitt sees this community event as important because it ”gets parents talking about prevention to their kids while having a great time out.   It really adds to the whole dimension of helping families understand the importance of prevention.” Yvonne encourages other communities to create their own events for your youth because promoting healthy choices can “reduce healthcare costs,” and help everyone “be a more positive influence for our youth and help us live happier and healthier lives.”

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