Roxana Soto Martin with daughter Aliya Altamirano Soto.

Today, Roxana Soto Martin is a thankful mother. When Roxana first found out she was pregnant, she made an appointment with her doctor.  Her doctor asked her if she smoked, and Roxana had to reply “Yes.”  At the time, Roxana was smoking three to four cigarettes a day, enough to significantly impact the health of her unborn child and herself. With her permission, Roxana’s doctor put her in touch with Judy Master, Nurse for Rio Grande County Public Health.  Judy serves as a facilitator for participants in the Baby and Me, Tobacco Free Program.  Every month, Judy would visit Roxana in her home, give her health tips for herself and her baby, as well as administer a breathalyzer.  Roxana knew that she had already been pregnant for eight weeks.  “My baby was so small.  I knew I had to quit.”  Every month Roxana was cigarette free. Judy applauds Roxana for being such a “perfect student.”

After Roxana had her daughter Aliya Altamirano Soto, she was tempted to start smoking again.  But, with free diapers from the Baby and Me, Tobacco Free Program, she knew it wasn’t worth it. Today, Roxana is proud to be a nonsmoker.  She shared that there is no greater encouragement than hearing from the doctor that “she’s fine, her blood tests are fine, her hearing is fine, she’s healthy.”  Roxana also says that she knows how to deal with her stress better, instead of just turning to cigarettes. If you’re a mother-to-be, mother, or friends with someone who needs support, connect them with the Baby and Me, Tobacco Free Program.  Like Roxana, they will find the support they need to be the best possible mother, protecting their own and their child’s health. For more information about the Baby and Me, Tobacco Free Program search our health and wellness directory.

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