SLV Health Sports Medicine is a collective group dedicated to providing services to active individuals, athletes, and individuals dealing with physical fitness; and the treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of injuries related to sports and exercise. 

The Sports Medicine Injury Prevention program includes:

  • Weekend injury prevention camps:
    • sport specific, weight-lifting technique and sports specific movement pattern training
  • Team Functional Movement Screens (FMS):
    • times coordinated between coach and PRO Therapy, can be performed in about an hour for 15 athletes or less, easy to do at a practice time frame, available anytime
  • Monthly FMS for any individual student athlete:
    • dates TBD, call and sign up for a one on one assessment
  • Knee injury prevention clinics for female athletes:
    • very helpful for volleyball, soccer, basketball: 
      • can be scheduled at any time, takes 2 hours, easy to perform in place of a practice in one evening
  • Game or practice sport specific movement analysis:
    • can be requested at any time:
      • have a PT come and watch/observe your athletes while they are playing their sport and performing drills to see any particular movement concerns or injury risk
  • Video gait analysis:
    • can be requested at any time:  have your running or sprinting gait filmed and then broken down by a PT and then have exercises/stretches/mobility routine recommended to correct
  • Performance improvement:
    • have some great athletes on your team?  Believe they can be even better with the right training?  Call us for a consult for movement analysis in the weight-room or on the playing field.  We will watch your movement and tell you where you may be less efficient than you should be or where you can improve in power, speed, agility, strength or endurance.