It is your responsibility to report fraud and abuse:

Reports about suspected fraud, abuse and/or waste can be made by notifying SLV Health’s Quality and Compliance Team. Your case will be investigated with professionalism and expertise while maintaining confidentiality to ensure SLV Health’s full compliance with all laws, regulations and rules regarding the delivery of health care to you and your community.

Laws relating to Fraud and Abuse:

False Claims Act (FCA)

Anti-Kickback Statute (AKS)

Physician Self-Referral Law (Stark Law)

Whistleblower Protection Program


There are many ways to report fraud, waste and/or abuse. 

Email: (not available for anonymous reporting)

Form:          Fraud and Abuse Form

Hotline:      719-587-1448 (available for anonymous reporting)    

U.S.Mail:   Quality and Compliance Dept., SLV Health, 106 Blanca Avenue, Alamosa, Colorado 81101

Website: Us/Report Fraud, Abuse and Waste


Each report is confidential and will be investigated by SLV Health Quality and Compliance personnel. All allegations will be thoroughly investigated and verified before any action is taken. All reports are held in confidence by the Quality and Compliance Department. Any cases reported found to be fraudulent, abusive, or wasteful will be forwarded to SLV Health’s Compliance Officer for further disposition.