Our mission is to support the patients, programs, and facilities of Conejos County Hospital, La Jara Clinic, and Antonito Clinic


The Foundation organizes a variety of events throughout the year to help support general and specific needs at Conejos County Hospital, Antonito Clinic, and La Jara Clinic.  

Learn about our activities, listed below, and join us as we work to expand and improve health care services in the Southern end of the San Luis Valley.

Past Projects

Clinic Remodel

Thanks to the Foundation, the La Jara Clinic got new paint, carpet, and a parking lot.  Thanks to grant funding and additional funding from the Foundation, the Antonito Clinic also was also updated with new paint, carpet, and a parking lot.

CCH Foundation BBQ & Quilt Auction

The San Luis Valley Health Conejos County Hospital (CCH) Foundation BBQ and Quilt Auction, was held on a sunny Saturday, June 25, 2016. Michelle Gay, CCH Foundation Director, said of the event, "It was a beautiful day; we had great food, great auction items and more importantly, a great community turnout. Hospital staff, family, community members and others came out to support the event and we are excited to announce that we exceeded our goal of $10,000 raising funds which reached over $11,676.” One-hundred percent of funds raised during the Saturday event will go towards supporting an upcoming CCH remodeling project to benefit inpatient hospice care at CCH.

Current Projects

Hospital Beautification.  We want to remodel 6 patient rooms at the Conejos County Hospital with new windows, window dressings, beds, bedding, and new paint.  We also plan on installing new carpet throughout the facility, and adding a fresh coat of paint on interior and exterior hospital walls.

Annual Employee Campaign.  Started in 2013, the Annual Employee Campaign is one of our main fundraisers to update and replace equipment and infastructure needs at our Antonito and La Jara facilities.  In 2013, the funds raised were used to replace televisions in patient rooms at Conejos County Hospital, as well as other hospital beautification projects.