Konnie Martin, President and Chief Executive Officer: 719-587-1202
Shane Mortensen, Chief Financial Officer: 719-587-1204
Carmelo Hernandez, MD, Chief Medical Officer: 719-587-6305
Kelly Gallegos, RN, BSN, Conejos County Hospital Administrator: 719-274-6004
Antonio Gurule, Clinic Administrator: 719-589-8094

Marketing and Communications

Donna Wehe, Dir. of PR/Marketing and Communications: 719-587-1209
Chad Chavez: Marketing Specialist 719-587-1205

Patient Relations

Patient Accounts & Billing: 719-587-6364
Patient & Family Services: 719-587-1326 or Fax 719-587-5715
Patient & Visitor Grievance Line: 719-587-5702

Foundation and Volunteer Services

Kelly Gurule, San Luis Valley Health Foundation Director: 719-587-5707
Ambassador Help Desk: 719-587-5799

Department Contacts

Ryan Daugherty, Director of Ambulance Services: 719-587-1210
Monica Hinds, Director of Emergency Servies: 719-587-1256
Janet McGinnis, Director of Radiology: 719-587-1230
Jennifferr Baird, Director of Quality and Safety: 719-587-5782
David Gallegos, Director of Specialty Clinics: 719-589-8047
Michelle Gay, Director of Compliance: 719-587-6362 
Scott Evans: Director of Revenue Cycle: 719-587-6383
Mandy Crockett, Director of Human Resources: 719-587-1201
Jim Frye, Director of Material Management: 719-587-5755
Jackie Lawson, Interim Director of Obstetrics (Labor & Delivery): 719-587-1427
Mark Lara, Director of Food Services: 719-587-1437
Brian Heersink, Director of Information Systems
    Contact Customer Service at 719-589-8000
Adam Lawrence, Director of Nutrition: 719-587-6372
James Martinez, Director of Facilities: 719-587-1262
Thomas Scrivana, Director of Cardiopulmonary Services: 719-587-1269
Joseph Stephens, Director of Pro Therapy: 719-587-1320
Brent Lehto, Director of Laboratory: 719-587-1225
Mandi Weed, Director of Finance: 719-587-6388
Angie Werner, Director. of Physician Support Services: 719-589-8043
Terri Salazar, Director of Health Information Management: 719-587-1390
Alan Taylor, Director of Anesthesia: 719-589-8073
Lee Hankins, Director of Pharmacy Services: 719-587-1261
Shannon Muniz, Director of Med/Surg/ICU/Swing: 719-587-5787
Christine Hettinger-Hunt, Director of Risk and Grant Managment: 719-587-7243
Audrey Reich Loy, Director of Primary Care Clinics: 719-587-8187
Tennie Masterson, Director of Conejos County Hospital Operations: 719-274-6053
Amy Norris, Director of Conejos County Hospital Nursing: 719-274-5121
Annarae Martinez, Director of Surgical Services: 719-587-1348