San Luis Valley Health and our staff care deeply about our community. We have four core commitments to our community:

Whether investing in education, athletics, renewable energy, or even supporting local artists, we are proud to be this community's trusted partner in health

Make Care Affordable

We believe that no one should be kept from receiving the health care they need.  

Here's how we help:

  • Our employees give over $25,000 per year to the San Luis Valley Health Foundation to support new technology, facilities, services, and more.
  • We participate in the Colorado Indigent Healthcare program (CICP) and the government Medicare and Medicaid insurance plans.  
  • We host Health Coverage Guides for Connect for Health Colorado, the state's health insurance marketplace.  These Guides help you shop, apply, and seek financial assistance for health insurance through the online marketplace.
  • We help cover the cost of care for the economically disadvantaged in the Valley:
    • In 2012, we provided over $7,000,000 in charity care  
    • Bad debt can account for over $5,000,000 in services for which we are not compensated for  
    • Together with the amount of charity care we provide, this represents over 20% of our budgeted expenses. 

Read our Charity Care Policy.

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Promote Community Health

Below are just a few of our community-focused activities:

  • Lunch-n-Learn.  San Luis Valley Health offers monthly presentations free of charge to community members on a variety of topics, including Women's Health, Colon Cancer Awareness, Gluten Free Living, and Stress Management. 
  • Health and Wellness Classes.  San Luis Valley Health offers the PRO-Fit Lifestyles Program, a program based on the Diabetes Prevention Lifestyles Change Program that showed that 58% of diabetes can be prevented with lifestyle changes.  Learn more about PRO-Fit>>
  • Tobacco Cessation.  San Luis Valley Health has a new Tobacco Cessation program targeting individuals, 12 to 24 years of age.  With resources from and, the Tobacco Cessation program will help teens and young adults quit tobacco use for life.  For more information, call Valerie Hagedorn at 719-587-5768.  
  • SBIRT Program. Our Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) Program is a comprehensive and integrated approach to the delivery of early intervention and treatment services for persons with substance use disorders.  Risky substance use contributes to more than 70 medical conditions and leads to expensive, long-term health problems.  
  • Diabetes Support.  The Diabetes Education Empowerment Program (DEEP) is the only nationally accredited program in the San Luis Valley to educate and empower people to successfully manage their diabetes.  In addition to DEEP we offer three other programs to help people live with diabetes, including regular classes and support groups throughout the Valley. Learn more about Diabetes programs>> 
  • Community Events.  Our professional Emergency Medical Services (EMS) staff provides stand-by services at many community events, including high school and college athletics, rodeos, and other events with large crowds.  Our EMS staff also visit schools to provide health-related education.  
  • Service-Learning.  Our team has worked with local schools using a successful model for student engagement on important health issues.  Learn more about our Service-Learning programs>> 
  • Women’s Wellness Connection.  This program offers free cervical and breast cancer screenings to eligible women.  Research has shown that the sooner cancer is detected, the more effective treatment options will be.  Learn more>>
  • Carefree Colon Program.  Similar to Women’s Wellness Connection, the Carefree Colon Program offers free colorectal screenings to eligible Valley residents.  
  • Community Health Assessment.  The Lutheran Hospital Association of the SLV and San Luis Valley Health, performed our first community health assessment in the 2012/2013 fiscal year. We are currently implementing our plan to improve community health.  View the executive summary

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Support Local Prosperity

San Luis Valley Health is one of the largest employers in the Valley.  Collectively annual salary and benefits packages for organization employees reach over $38 million per year.

Because our employees live and work in the Valley, millions of dollars go right back into the economic growth and development of our community.

We also enrich our community in other ways:

  • Education.  San Luis Valley Health makes contributions each year to Adams State University (ASU), the Trinidad State Junior College (TSJC) Emergency Medical Services and Nursing programs and the ASU/TSJC simulation lab. Over the last six years, we have contributed over $500,000 to these two organizations.
  • Art.  We have covered the walls of our main hospital in Alamosa with original artwork by local and regional artists. The “ARTrium” enables the hospital to embrace the art community, which is so vital to the culture and life of the San Luis Valley.  Our art program encourages contemplation and inspiration in an environment often associated with stress and anxiety.  Call 719-587-5707 or email to learn how to exhibit your artwork in the ARTrium.
  • Athletics.  San Luis Valley Health provides both in-kind support and corporate sponsorship for Adams State University athletics.  Our Orthopedics and Therapy team also provides many in-kind services to maintain the health and well-being of ASU athletes.  Our EMS department also provides on-field emergency support during games.

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Improve Environmental Health

Our Green Committee has worked with community partners to:

  • Eliminate 99% of Styrofoam
  • Recycle a variety of materials including batteries, plastic bottles, paper, cardboard, ink and more;
  • Purchase more locally grown food from area farmers
  • Create a community garden to supply the cafeteria with fresh herbs and vegetables
  • Eliminate over 95% of trans-fatty acids from our cafeteria.

Environment.  In 2008 we made a commitment to decrease our carbon footprint and integrate sustainable business practices into our organization as part of our goal to "provide superior stewardship of hospital resources."  Due to these efforts, San Luis Valley Health won the first ever VHA Leadership Award for Sustainability Excellence.  

Renewable Energy.  In partnership with SunEdison, we installed a 1.45 megawatt solar field composed of over 360 solar panels.  One of our Board members donated 40 acres to the site.  As a result, we’ve already eliminated over 10 million pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the environment, along with huge amounts of nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide.

Local Foods.  Locally produced food is fresher - eaten soon after harvest – and as a result is more nutritious and flavorful.  We source local foods for our food services whenever possible. San Luis Valley Health also helped create the first ever directory of food producers who sell locally.  View the local foods directory>>  

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