San Luis Valley Health believes in being transparent in its pricing.

Our goal is to provide meaningful, comprehensive and reliable information to help you understand prices in advance of your procedure. We have created a list of the top inpatient and outpatient procedure costs for self-pay patients to give you an estimate of the expected amount for a commonly provided health care service.  Actual prices on the final hospital bill may vary from this information based on the particular service, the patient's medical condition, unknown circumstances or complications, final diagnosis, and recommended treatment ordered by the attending physician. 

The pricing only covers the specific service listed and provided through the hospital. These estimates do not include complicating factors or professional fees for services such as those provided by a physician, surgeon, pathologist, anesthesiologist, radiologist, nurse practitioner or other independent practitioners. Also, the pricing does not include fees associated with implants, high-cost drugs, or second procedures. The pricing is for patients who have pre-scheduled the service and are not applicable to patients who receive services in the emergency department. Facility fee costs for self-pay emergency patients are explained here.

The pricing information is not a guarantee of insurance coverage or availability of services. This pricing does not apply to patients who have health insurance coverage through Medicare, Medicaid, other government insurance programs, or an insurance company.  If a patient has health insurance, the patient's health insurance policy (including deductibles, co-pay, co-insurance and out-of-pocket maximums) will apply and the amount the patient owes for health care services will depend on the patient's insurance coverage. It is the patient's responsibility to communicate with their insurance company for information regarding coverage of a procedure.

There are certain chronic conditions or long-term care that SLV Health may not be able to provide customized pricing for without additional clinical information from your physician.

SLV Health reserves the right to update or change any price at any time.

If you do not see the procedure or service you are looking for, or wish to receive a customized quote on a specific procedure, please request a quote by calling 719-587-8080. Prompt-pay discounts are available to uninsured patients who are able to pay the full amount within 30 days of the billing date. For questions on your bill or about this process, please contact an SLV Health Financial Representative at 719-587-6364.

The following estimates are averages after applying the prompt-pay discount for SLV Health's Regional Medical Center and clinics for the most common services that had more than 11 cases in the past fiscal year.

Prompt-Pay Discounted Costs for Common Procedures at SLV Health

Regional Medical Center and Clinics

INPATIENT PROCEDURES DRG (Code) Average Prompt-Pay Cost
Vaginal Delivery without Complications 775 $5,349
Vaginal Delivery with Sterilization or D&C 767 $6,794
Vaginal Delivery with Complicating Diagnosis 774 $6,616
Cesarean Section without Medical Complications 766 $9,618
Cesarean Section with Complications 765 $12,355
Normal Newborn 795 $1,494
Newborn with Problems 794 $2,160
Newborn - Death or Transfer 789 $3,932
Major Joint Replacement (Hip or Knee) 470 $29,521
Major Joint Replacement (Shoulder) 483 $36,187
Hip and Femur Fracture Procedure 481 $25,896
Heart Failure & Shock with other medical Complications 291 $16,368
Heart Failure & Shock with Complications 292 $12,096
Cardiac Arrhythmia & Conduction Disorder 309 $7,238
Diabetes with Medical Complications 638 $12,359
GI Hemorrhage 378 $8,666
GI Obstruction 389 $7,642
Other Medical Procedures    
Severe Sepsis without Mechanical Ventilation (assisted breathing) with Complications 871 $36,726
Severe Sepsis without Mechanical Ventilation (assisted breathing) without Complications 872 $17,067
Simple Pneumonia & Pleurisy with Major Complications 193 $12,679
Simple Pneumonia & Pleurisy with Complications 194 $10,897
Esophagitis (Gastrointestinal & Digestive Disorder) 392 $12,818
Pulmonary Edema & Respiratory Failure 189 $16,249
Cellulitis without Complications 603 $9,674
Alcohol/Drug Abuse or Dependence 897 $13,866
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) with Major Complications 190 $18,154
Poisoning & Toxic Effects of Drugs 918 $5,020
Nutrition and Metabolic Disorders 641 $17,599
Pancreatic Disorders (not Malignancy) 439 $11,879
Small & Large Bowel Procedures 330 $26,596

Average Prompt-Pay Cost

Laboratory & Pathology    
Venipuncture - routine blood sample drawn 36415 $13
Complete Blood Count (CBC) 85025 $39
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel - full panel of blood tests 80053 $74
Capillary Draw (Finger or Heel) 36416 $10
Basic Metabolic Panel - basic panel of blood tests 80048 $53
Urinalysis - Complete 81001 $36
Lactate - measures level of lactate in the blood 83605 $74
TSH - Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone level blood test 84443 $67
Assay of lipase (Lipase level as blood test of pancreas) 83690 $59
Blood Culture (microbiology procedure) 87040 $83
Urine Colony Count (urine test for bacteria with number of cells counted) 87086 $44

Troponin I Level - blood tst to measure troponin level to check for heart muscle damage as with a heart attack 

84484 $85

Therapeutic Exercises - includes Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy or Rehab exercises taught to increase strength and flexibility

97110GP $50 per 15 min
Manual therapy techniques (connective tissue massage, joint mobilization & manipulation, manual traction, etc) 97140GP $53 per 15 min
Cardiology & Respiratory Therapy    
Pulse Oximetry (Multiple) 94761 $136
Routine 12 Lead ECG 93000 $36
Radiology & Imaging    
Chest X-Ray, single view 71045 $154
Chest X-Ray with 2 views, from the front and side 71046 $154
Clinic Visits    
Office visit that does not require a physician, normally lasting less than 5 minutes 99211 $31
Level 2 Office/outpatient visit with established patient, normally lasting at least 10 minutes 99212 $59
Level 3 Office/outpatient visit with established patient 99213 $88
Level 4 Office/outpatient visit with established patient 99214 $126
Office Visit, new patient, level 3 99203 $125
Coumadin (prothrombin time fingerstick) 85610 $7
Chiropractic Manipulative Treatment 98940 $30
Chiropractic Manipulative Treatment (spinal 3-4) 98941 $36
Chiropractic Manipulative Treatment    
Pediatric less than one year old preventative with established patient 99391 $85
Pediatric one-four year old preventative with established patient 99392 $95
Vaccine 90471 $45
Behavioral Health (at least 45 minutes) 90834 $54
Orthopedic arthrocentesis asp&/Inj Major JT 20610 $124
ENT/Allergy Clinic Visits & Procedures    
Intracutaneous (Intradermal) tests, sequential and incremental with allergenic extracts, immediate type reaction, including tests interpretation and report by a physician, specific number of tests 95024 $12
Prep & Allergen Immunotherapy 1/mlt an 95165 $19
Percutaneous tests with allergenic extracts 95004 $10
Professional Services allergy immntx x w prv allegic xtr 95117 $26
Professional Services allergy immntx x w prv allgic xtr 95115 $21


The following estimates are averages after applying the prompt-pay discount for Conejos County Hospital for the most common services that had more than 11 cases in the past fiscal year.  

Prompt-Pay Discounted Costs for Common Procedures at SLV Health

Conejos County Hospital


Average Prompt-Pay Cost

Routine Chest X-Ray, 2 Views 71046 $154
CT Scan Head/Brain without Contrast 70450 $1,074
Chest X-Ray, Single View 71045 $154
CT Abdomen/Pelvis with Contrast 74177 $1,973
Physical Therapy    
Neuromuscular Re-Ed 97112 $50
PT Eval Low Comp 1-2 Elements 97161 $111
Therapy Exercise 97110 $54
Gait Training 97116 $46
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel - full panel of blood tests                                                                                                                                     80053 $74
Complete Blood Count (CBC) 85025 $39
Urinalysis-Complete 81001 $36
Fingerstick-Glucose-Nursing 82948 $13
CBC; Automated hemogram 85027 $28
Manual Diff 85007 $24
TSH (lab test of the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) 84443 $67
EKG, includes tracing, report and interpretation 93000 $154
Respiratory Therapy 9464076 $52

























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