Voice of the Patient
Apr 9, 2009
Below are excerpts from the patient's feedback provided by HealthStream.  In parentheses, we have included the provider that the patient is referring to.  We would like to give a special shout-out to our clinical teams, who have received a ton of positive feedback around their care.(...
Daily Ongoing Improvement Tactics
Mar 26, 2009
Recently, DO IT teams were requested to report what their current projects are per department.SEA’s, as well as their managers, have done a fantastic job of figuring out solutions to problems and then creating a system to improve.Some of the examples that teams are doing include:Lab:...
Wounded Healers: Healing Ourselves and Others Presentation
Mar 25, 2007
This presentation will explore the concept of wounded healer and its relevance to oncology social work practice.  Participants will leave with a greater sense of empathy and ability to identify their own personal wounds that can be used to create healing power in working with our patients....
Service Excellence Workshop Feedback
Jan 29, 2007
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the employees who have participated in one of our Service Excellence Workshops.  We would especially like to thank the Service Excellence Advisors, who dedicated a great amount of time and energy to leading these classes.We understand that...
Staff to Attend National Conference for Service Excellence
Jan 29, 2007
During the final week of February, 10 staff members of San Luis Valley Health will have the opportunity to attend the conference, "Disrupt Mediocrity, Ignite Patient Experience" in Long Beach, California.The staff members include five Service Excellence Advisors, Nursing Director...
603 Trained, Thank You to All
Jan 29, 2007
Thank you to all employees that participated in one of our Service Excellence Workshops.  We have trained 603 people in Service Excellence!  Way to go!New employees will be trained the first Thursday of every month going forward, and if you did not attend a training, please make sure you...


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